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Slides and Other Nautical Goodies from “Tips to Pick the Right Web Developer”

Session Details: “Tips to Pick the Right Developer”, 11 am at Skyway A/B View Collaborative Notes from the session This Tuesday, February 21 marks one of my favorite events of the year. Namely, the Minnesota Council of Nonprofit’s Nonprofit Communication and Technology Conference! Copilot is back this year doing nautically themed session at 11 am […]

Govn’t, nonprofit and school websites worst teen usability offenders.

I am super excited. Copilot was just hired by the Annex Teen Clinic to redesign their website. With any new web project, comes research into new target audiences. The Annex’s target audience? Teens and young adults, primarily ages 15 to 25, who they seek to serve with low-cost, non-judgmental, and fact based sexually related health […]